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A Novice’s Guide To Getting A Good Lawyer

You may have friends and coworkers who speak about their attorney as if it were perfectly normal to have one. Though the costs of hiring a lawyer are prohibitive to the average person, there are actually ways to have legal representatives on retainer for a fraction of the cost of hiring one in an emergency. Read here about how to find these probate attorneys and how to establish the relationship.

A good tip to remember when looking to hire a lawyer is to make sure you find a lawyer that has the necessary experience that you’re looking for. If you’re going to court soon for a criminal case, it wouldn’t make sense to bring on a divorce lawyer, you’ll need a criminal lawyer.

Imagine taking on a lawyer who is about to enter court for the first time. That’s what will happen if you take a general lawyer into a case where a specializing lawyer is a better bet. Ask any lawyer you know for their recommendations, and you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Try to educate yourself on what you are dealing with. You should not be relying solely on the lawyer to plan and construct your case. Obviously, they will have more knowledge and experience dealing with your situation, but if you are prepared, you can work together as a team to get the win.

There are some cases where you can represent yourself without an attorney, but most of the time you should get one. There are many things that a layman does not understand about the law, which is why you should hire a lawyer. You don’t want to lose your case due to a lack of common legal knowledge when you could have hired someone.

Try to match the firm that you choose with the seriousness of the situation that you are in. If you are in a serious bind, you will want to have a big firm by your side. If you are trying to beat a moving violation, you can get a lawyer that belongs to a smaller firm.

A lawyer with a proven track record with cases similar to yours is invaluable. A lawyer can specialize in a certain area and still have a losing track record. If the information isn’t online, they should be able and willing to give it to you.

Before you hire a lawyer, check with your state bar association for complaints or problems. The less complaints that have been lodged against them, the better. Anyone with large numbers of complaints should be given a wide berth.

If you need to hire a lawyer but don’t know where to start, try looking in a lawyer directory such as Nolo. This directory offers a comprehensive profile of all attorneys. The profile provides important information such as his education, experience, fees and the lawyer’s basic philosophy of law. This information can be invaluable in selecting a good lawyer.

Even if you have not been in trouble or had legal needs before, you now realize that it could happen at any time. Even for routine legal paperwork or getting advice about transactions, it always helps to have professional legal oversight. Take what you have learned here and put it to use in finding the legal help tht you may need.

Hiring A Lawyer

Picking a reliable lawyer is important for obvious reasons. Someone that knows the law backwards and forwards will be able to help you when you need it the most. Read this article for tips on how to choose the right lawyer for you, despite the reason you may need one.

Never hire the first lawyer you come across. There are so many out there that it can be tempting to select the first one you come in contact with. Take your time and consult with a few before you make your decision. You don’t want to make the mistake of choosing the wrong one.

If you notice that the lawyer you chose is not doing the job that you were expecting, do not be afraid to fire them. This is the person that you are paying your money for, so at any point you can cut ties. If you are facing a legal matter, you only want the best on your side.

Do not hire a lawyer until you know more about their experience and their results. A young lawyer might be more affordable but you will definitely benefit from hiring a more experienced and more successful lawyer. If possible, try finding a lawyer who has positive experience with very similar cases.

If you spend a high amount initially, you may make it back in the money you win in your case. You’ll find that a regular lawyer will take more time than a specialist which costs you more in the long run.

Don’t accept the very first lawyer in the phone book. It’s critical that you research all the choices to find the best. There are stories of people hiring attorneys that have actually has their licenses revoked for malpractice. Don’t make a haphazard mistake that’s easily avoided.

It is important that the lawyer you hire is one who is experienced on the field you need help with. For instance, if you need a lawyer for a divorce, it would not be wise to hire a lawyer specializing in taxes. When you hire a lawyer familiar with the problem, you need help with, you have a better chance of positive results.

It is hugely important that you know exactly what your lawyer plans to do for you. They should lay it out in writing, preferably, before you sign on the dotted line. If they get you to sign a legal document they have drafted without explaining it, run the other way.

Stay away from lawyers who promise you an easy victory in court. Very few cases are absolutely indisputable and a lawyer who seems overconfident might be lying to you. Do not hesitate to meet with different lawyers to ask for advice before you hire one and do some research on the reputation of these lawyers before you hire one.

If you do not pick a lawyer that gives you the best advice, you might not end up with the best outcome after a court date. Whether you need a divorce lawyer or a strong defense, this is important. The tips in this article should make it clear how to choose the right lawyer for you.

Don’t Let The New Bankruptcy Law Scare You

On October 17, 2005 the world of bankruptcy law changed for the worse.

Or did it?

Is it really that much harder to file bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy law?
In the run up to the effective date of the new law, bankruptcy filings increased to record numbers in virtually every bankruptcy court district in the United States. Scary terms like “means test” and “bankruptcy credit counseling” seemed to drive people out of the wood work to beat the deadline.

After the law changed, many lawyers who used to file bankruptcy under the old law simply gave up filing bankruptcies because of a perception that the new bankruptcy law is overly complicated and time consuming.

Filing bankruptcy under the new bankruptcy is a bit more complicated and is certainly more time consuming, but with effective bankruptcy counsel, successfully restructuring your debt is still possible.

One of the most feared provisions of the new law is the bankruptcy means test. The bankruptcy means test is a calculation used to determine what type of bankruptcy a debtor might file. To simplify things, the bankruptcy means test requires a debtor considering bankruptcy to be matched against the median state income of the debtor’s state of filing.
Debtors who are over the median state income may have a more difficult time filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy and might have to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy which requires a monthly repayment to the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy means test will not prevent a debtor from filing a bankruptcy; it will only help determine what type of bankruptcy must be filed.
Most bankruptcy attorneys are finding out that the majority of people considering bankruptcy seem to be under the median state income initially and mostly unaffected by the bankruptcy means test.

Another requirement that seemed to strike fear in the hearts of debtors and attorneys everywhere is “bankruptcy credit counseling”. The new bankruptcy law requires every debtor considering bankruptcy to complete bankruptcy credit counseling within the six months preceding the filing of the bankruptcy.
Most bankruptcy attorneys are finding that the counseling requirement has not been much of an issue. Most debtors choose to do a brief telephone counseling session and the maximum cost to the debtor is set by law and cannot exceed $50.00. For a list of available bankruptcy credit counselors, check BankruptcyCreditCounselors.com (www.bankruptcycreditcounselors.com).

Don’t let the new bankruptcy law scare you. If you need help, get help. Consult with an expert bankruptcy attorney in your area that offers free consultations to explore all of your bankruptcy options.

The Court Determines Child Custody

A child custody proceeding is any case involving child protection, adoption, guardianship, termination of parental rights or voluntary placement of your child.

The support order will be based on the child’s needs, obligor’s ability to pay, custody arrangements and the child support guidelines. The Criminal Code makes it an offence to abduct a child to spite a custody order. A custody order establishes both the custody and parenting time arrangement for the children. Your child custody order is also confidential.

When an unmarried mother has a child, the mother has legal custody of that child until a court says otherwise.

During divorce, marriage, or annulment proceedings, the issue of child custody often becomes a matter for the court to determine. The Court must consider the following factors in every child custody decision under the law regarding the best interest of the child. The court retains the power to alter the custody arrangements until the child turns 18 or is emancipated.

You may contest custody, child support, and alimony and property division by appearing in court and filing appropriate legal papers. At the hearing, the court shall hear evidence to determine whether the child custody and support determination should be modified. The fact that one parent has been the child’s primary caretaker is often considered but is not enough to guarantee a custody award. It is not that unusual for middle class parents to spend $60,000 on a divorce and child custody fight. Traditionally, divorce in the United States results in one parent being awarded primary custody and decision making for a child.


Each parent shares the rights and responsibility for the care, custody, companionship, and support of their children. Some states, such as Arizona, have fathers rights groups specifically dedicated to helping fathers obtain custody of their children (arizonafathersrights.com for example).


Custody means that a parent has legal custodial rights and responsibilities toward the child.

Joint child custody means that both parents have the legal custodial rights and responsibilities toward a child. Joint custody allows both parents to have a say in the child’s upbringing. There is no evidence to support that a presumption of joint custody is in the best interests of children. A study found that only when parents were still actively fighting did joint custody exacerbate children’s feelings of being torn between parents. However, when both parents favor joint custody, it can be a good solution for the children. Some parents have chosen a joint-custody arrangement in which the child spends an approximately equal amount of time with both parents. Some states award joint custody in which the judge simply divides the child’s time between the parents. Joint custody does not mean simply alternating where the child lives from time to time. In fact, there may be legal joint custody, but the child may live with only one parent.

Legal child custody includes the right to make decisions about the child’s education, religion, health care, and other important concerns. A child may be placed in foster care while a custody case is pending. Legal custody means the right to determine the child’s upbringing, including education, health care, and religious training.

Physical custody and residence means the routine daily care and control and where the child lives. Physical child custody is awarded to one parent with whom the child will live most of the time. In most cases, both parents continue to share legal child custody but one parent gains physical child custody. There is also a presumption that it is in the child’s best interest to be in the custody of a parent over a non-parent.

Visitation rights allow the non-custodial parent (the person without child custody) time to spend with their child. A common arrangement is that one parent gets custody of the child and the other parent is given visitation rights.


A child custody evaluation is a report written by a neutral professional about you, the other parent, and your children. It is usually not necessary that formal psychological tests be administered to each parent in the context of a child-custody evaluation. The primary purpose and focus of the custody and/or visitation evaluation is to determine what is in the best interests of the child. Comprehensive child custody evaluations generally require an evaluation of all parents/guardians and children, as well as observations of interactions between them. The children are also evaluated in a custody/visitation evaluation.


Because of the complexity of child custody matters and the importance of the outcome, it may be advisable to contact an attorney. The attorney should know several child custody evaluators or guardian ad litems that they have worked with successfully. If you proceed with a child custody action without an attorney, you are acting as your own attorney.

In a child custody dispute, there are rarely winners, frequently everyone is a loser, and the biggest losers are often the children. When women fear losing custody of children the stress can be overwhelming. However, in many cases, women are favored as holding custody of their children.

The Facts on Dog Bite Lawsuits

The Facts on Dog Bite Lawsuits

While dogs may be our best friends, some dogs can become aggressive and bite someone. A dog bite falls under the law in the personal injury category. Each state has various laws regarding the liability of the dog’s owner. Following are things you should do if you are bitten by a dog.
Dogs that bite can do it for a number of reasons. Perhaps the dog has always had an aggressive nature and perceives you as an unwanted stranger. Historically, there are certain breeds that have been known to harbor aggression. The Pit Bull breed is a common example.
The dog’s breed is only one factor and doesn’t always mean the dog will be aggressive and prone to biting. You might encounter a dog that has been healthy in the past and free from offensive behavior. However, now the dog has suffered from a health illness such as rabies. Rabies can cause dogs to become disoriented and lash out by biting people. A classic sign of rabies is drooling and foaming of the mouth.
If you are bitten it is imperative that you have your bite checked out at the hospital as soon as possible. Dogs can be a host to several bacterial and viral infections that you can contract such as ring worm. Make sure however, that you remember the type of breed to help a doctor assess the extent of the wound. Write down the contact information of the dog’s owner should you need to file a lawsuit.
Dog bite lawsuits arise when the dog bite is serious enough to cause injury, mental aggravation, and hospital bills. It was beneficial that you wrote down the dog breed and the dog owner’s contact information because you will need it when filing a dog bite lawsuit. Should you choose to file a dog bite lawsuit, you will need to contact an attorney to understand your rights and requirements for filing.
An attorney will explain the specific dog bite lawsuit laws in your state. It is good to know that the majority of states hold the dog’s owner liable for any dog bites. It will also need to be determined if the owner had prior knowledge of the dog’s aggression. This is termed “dangerous propensities”. Did the owner know in advance that their dog was of a certain breed that is prone to biting? Did they provide the required safeguards to control this unwanted behavior in their dog?
Additionally, some states have enacted legislation that involves “strict liability”. The owner is liable for their dog’s actions whether they knew the dog was dangerous or not. Anytime their dog bites someone they are held liable no matter the situation or circumstances.
On the flip side of the coin is to view this from the dog owner’s perspective. Let’s say the dog owner had prior knowledge that their dog may be dangerous or may bite someone. The owner then took protective measures to keep his dog in a secure area. He also had placed “Beware of Dog” signs on his property and has warned others not to approach his dog as the dog may attack. The owner had done all this, but someone didn’t listen or even provoked the dog on purpose.
If the owner has provided these safety precautions they are sometimes not liable due to “contributory negligence”. “Contributory negligence” means that the person who was bitten understood the dangerousness of the animal, but proceeded to place themselves in the dog’s environment anyway. This type of dog bite lawsuit often ends in favor of the dog owner.
If you do file a dog bite lawsuit you can sue for compensation regarding medical costs you will incur due to the dog bite, pain and suffering, property damage, and affected wages. A vicious dog bite can leave you unable to work for some time and you need a way to recoup your losses.
You can also be awarded punitive damages in some cases. Whether or not you are awarded punitive damages depends on the behavior of the dog’s owner. Did the owner intentionally provoke their dog and put you in the line of fire? If so, the dog owner’s behavior will be punished by granting you an additional punitive damages settlement.
If you suffer from a dog bite you can rest a little easier knowing that many health insurance plans cover costs associated with dog bites. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to deal with a dog bite and dog bite lawsuit. Understand though that if you are bitten by a dog you do have legal claims. The extent and nature of the legal claims vary from state to state, but the basic guidelines have been discussed in this article. Consult an attorney that has worked on dog bite lawsuits in the past to figure out the best course of action.

Power Of Attorney Power Packs In A Paper

Power Of Attorney Power Packs In A Paper

The Power of Attorney is a legal document voluntarily entered into by two parties and duly certified by a notary public, usually a lawyer. The first and second party in the Power of Attorney are: the Principal and the Agent,respectively. In the power of attorney, the principal appoints the agent to perform a task in a legal capacity in his lieu.

The power of attorney empowers the agent to act upon any legal circumstance necessary of the principal, mostly if the latter cannot conduct with others, his legal affairs in person. This scenario happens in most cases, when the principal is gone from his domicile or away on a business trip for a lengthy period; or worse, if the principal is ill.

The power of attorney likens the agent as that of an employee as well as representative of the principal. Another popular term for the authorized agent in a power of attorney is Attorney-in-Fact.

The principal and agent who execute an agreement such as the power of attorney could either be an individual, partnership, or corporation. Both parties who execute the power of attorney should of course, possess legal capacity which means that parties must be 18 years of age or older and of normal mental capability.

When the principal authorize the agent in the power of attorney, the agent does act within the scope of the legal agreement. Therefore, the principal is also responsible for the acts that the agent entered into, in his behalf. In the exercise of the power of attorney, the agent is entitled to payment for services rendered and reimbursement for some of his expenses.

A most common use for the power of attorney is when the principal enters into a transaction such as the purchase of a real estate property. The agent, by virtue of the power of attorney, deals with the company, or owner of the property until the sale is consummated. Thus, the agent pays for and signs all the legal documents necessary (such as purchase application form, contract to sell, deed of restriction, etc.) for the business venture between the principal who is the buyer, and the property owner who is the seller.

Normally, the power of attorney is revocable or can be cancelled at any time. As such, the principal has only to accomplish the revocation of the power of attorney and again, have the cancellation duly certified by a notary public. The power of attorney also becomes null and void upon the death of the principal.

The role of the notary public in the power of attorney is vital and akin to a third force. The power of attorney becomes a legal instrument only if the notary public or solicitor, has certified the power of attorney to be so. The notary public then has to furnish copies of the notarized power of attorney to the concerned government agency that requires it. Thereafter, the power of attorney becomes a legal public document.

Your Probate Questions Answered

To bring some clearness to the topic of probate,
we’re answering typical probate attorney questions listed below:


If you resemble lots of people, you’ve listened to the term, “probate Forms, “yet aren’t actually sure exactly what it suggests besides it happens when someone passes away and also lawyers are involved.

Exactly what is probate?

Probate Judge

is the court procedure of validating the decedent’s will certainly and also settling the estate. The executor named in the will (or “manager” if the decedent died “intestate,” implying without a will) gathers, shields, evaluates, manages, as well as, eventually, distributes the decedent’s properties as well as paid last debts and taxes under the guidance of the probate court.


As an administrator, do I have to employ a probate attorney or can I do it myself?

Legally, you can probate the estate without a lawyer in some states. Nonetheless, almost, you must employ a probate lawyer. The job is really technological and not user-friendly. The probate attorney is paid from the estate, not from your personal funds. In addition, as an executor you are personally responsible for the estate possessions and settlement.

If you screw up, you can be held responsible as well as might shed your personal properties. Probate attorneys are very enlightened as well as extremely educated.

Why do people want to prevent probate? Many individuals seek to avoid probate since it’s public, costly, difficult, bothersome, and extensive. How can I stay clear of probate?

The following kinds of possession avoid probate:

– All possessions owned by a revocable living depend on;

– Collectively possessed assets;

– Possessions with a recipient classification (annuities, life insurance, and retirement accounts);

– Properties held in count on for a beneficiary; and

– Pay on fatality as well as a transfer on fatality properties.


In addition, each state has a limit and assets under that limit stay clear of probate.
If you have inquiries regarding serving as an executor, probate Process, make certain to talk to a certified  San Diego estate planning lawyer.

Fallbrook Probate lawyer

Fallbrook Estate Planning Lawyer Goes Over Grantor Retained Annuity Trust

On If you have spent a lifetime developing your estate, after that you likely do not want to lose fifty percent of it to inheritance tax after your fatality. Unfortunately, without careful estate lawyer, that could occur. Although each estate is entitled to an exemption quantity which is subject to change, any type of estate possessions over the exception quantity will certainly go through the typically high rate of inheritance tax.

Likewise, each person is allowed a lifetime exclusion amount before gifts are subject to present taxes, but again, once you have surpassed the exclusion amount your gifts end up being taxed. One estate planning device that has actually gained in appeal just recently is the grantor retained annuity count on, or GRAT. Like all depends on, a GRAT needs the grantor to name a trustee, recipients and assign possessions to be utilized to fund the count on.

Unlike other trusts, nevertheless, the grantor keeps an annuity interest in the trust. The annuity rate of interest can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the worth of the depend on possessions. The annuity is then paid to the grantor on an annual basis for the lifetime of the trust. A GRAT must be produced for a specific period of years. At the expiration of the depend on, the continuing to be depend on the properties are moved to the beneficiaries. The tax benefits of a GRAT can be discovered in greater than one method. For present tax obligation objectives, the tax obligations due are figured out by subtracting todays value of the kept annuity from the value of the possessions added to the GRAT.

Another advantage to a GRAT is that the IRS determines exactly what it refers to as the “assumed price of return” monthly. Whenever the trust fund properties carry out at a price more than the assumed rate of return, the extra revenues are moved tax-free. Most importantly, possessions that are transferred by the use a GRAT are possessions that do not remain in the grantor’s estate at death and also are, therefore, exempt to inheritance tax.

A crucial factor to consider, however, is that if the grantor does not outlast the trust fund, all the trust possessions go back to the grantor’s estate and all advantages of the GRAT are lost. The amount of cost savings accomplished by the use a GRAT depends on lots of factors such as the possessions utilized to money the depend on, the trust fund duration as well as the annual annuity amount paid to the grantor. Seek advice from your Fitchburg estate planning attorney to establish is a GRAT is right for you.


The Best probate Attorney In Temecula

Probate Disasters, coming from the small town of Fallbrook, Ca. I found it nessesary to look around and find a mentor.  I found Steve Bliss from the Law firm of Steven F. Bliss Esq. in Temecula, Ca.  His primary focus is on Probate and Estate Planning Attorney Temecula. One day I asked him a pertientquestion:

Probate Start Thinking about Estate Planning!

Among many subjects this is what he had to say:

If you are even thinking about this question, the response is most likely NOW.
You have to start the process of estate planning now.
Specifically if you have a home and mortgage, children, and other assets, you need to begin getting a plan in place.

Among other things, you will wish to ensure before Probate:

– Your property passes to those you prefer;
– Your children will be taken care of;
– Your estate affairs will be managed.

What has kept you from beginning estate planning already? It might be that you think you are too young. You are healthy, and death and incapacitation seem like far principles. You might not think you have the cash. And you may not be sure how you want to pass on your assets and answer those other big questions.

But an excellent reason for starting estate planning now is that it offers you manage over exactly what takes place after your death. And understanding that you have provided for your loved ones can offer you great comfort.

Here are a few things to think about when starting out:

– First and foremost, you need a will. If you do not have a will, the state will decide who gets your home.
– Make a list of your home or business, how it is titled, the reasonable market price, and your indebtedness versus the property.
– Review your insurance plan and beneficiaries.
– Decide who will raise your kids and design a financial strategy to take care of them.
– Create a power of lawyer and a medical power of lawyer.
– Consider establishing a trust.
– Don’t forget to consist of funeral service preparation in your estate planning.


Evaluation your estate strategy from time to time and ensure it still fits your requirements.
Essential of all, engage a trusted estate planning lawyer who can help you navigate this complicated area.

If you are in the Temecula area, please stop by and visit my good friend and amazing Probate attorney Steve Bliss!


>> Driving Directions To The Law Firm Of Steven F. Bliss Esq. in Temecula CA. <<

The Law Firm Of Steven F. Bliss Esq.
43920 Margarita Rd Ste F, Temecula, CA 92592
Phone: +1 (951) 223-7000
Fax: +1 (858) 268-8664


Visit The Law Firm of Steven F. Bliss Esq the best probate attorney in Temecula!

Upgrading Your Fallbrook Will- There Might Be A lot more Reasons to Do So Compared to You Recognize

Your Last Will and Testament is a beginning point for your whole Fallbrookestate plan. Therefore, your Will ought to be well thought out and updated on a regular basis. While there are some precipitating events that commonly motivate lots of people making a modification in their Will, there are other factors that could additionally necessitate an upgrade that are regularly ignored.

– Change in Assets: Small changes might not necessitate a revision, yet the purchase or personality of a considerable property may call for an alteration. This may also help the executor of your Grafton Will find and supply all estate assets when the time concerns do so. – Adjustment in Area: People normally ignore this factor. Altering your state of residence will have the effect of altering the legislations that control your Will. Consequently, you ought to review your Will anytime you transfer to a brand-new state.

– Change in State or Federal Regulations: Legislations, both state and also Federal, modification often. Because regulations can impact stipulations in your Will, you ought to speak with your Grafton estate planning attorney whenever a state or federal law relating to probate or tax matters adjustments.

– Fatality: Individuals consider the influence that the fatality of an immediate family member could carry a Will, however typically do not make the connection when a less immediate fatality takes place. For example, if a trustee, executor or guardian passes away, this could additionally call for a Will update.

– Marital relationship or Divorce: This is not restricted to your personal marital relationship or separation. The divorce or marital relationship of a recipient or guardian, as an example, can also necessitate a revision in your Will.

– Birth: Uniqueness in your Will is ideal whenever feasible. Try not to rely upon generic terms such as “problem” to refer to all existing and future beneficiaries. When a child is in fact born, upgrade your Will to consist of the youngster’s name.

– Recipient Gets to the Age of Bulk: Possessions can not be delegated a small directly, requiring a trustee to manage the assets up until the kid reaches the age of majority. When that happens, however, you ought to update your Will to get rid of the need for a trustee.

– You Reach the Age of Required Distributions: If you have an IRA or 401(k), you will likely have to start taking circulations around the age of 70. Because of this, your assets alter from a financial investment to a fluid possession, frequently needing an equivalent adjustment in your Will.

– Change in Guardian: The ability to call a guardian for small children is an essential element of a Will. If you alter your mind about that you desire to be the guardian, make certain you make the corresponding change in your Will.

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